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fee fi fo fanna

hi this is the blog of a kamen rider in training!! someday i will be a KAMEN RIDER!! TO PROTECT EVERYONE'S SMILES!!

( #brain shit / #bad brain shit ) please ts these if negativity aint ur groove; brain posts are always cut.


click me to watch kamen rider!

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Dec 5 '11
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    Orlando on the top of the list!
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    Vegas (late 80s-00) was awesome. But you couldn’t pay me enough
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    I well and truly agree with this. Las Vegas is a terrible place to be right now. The unemployment is far too high, it is...
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    I’ve lived in two of those cities. Fuck.
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    From #20 to #7. Awwww yeah.
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    Houston is a horrible city in general. And I say that with all the love in the world.
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    where is waco or killeen
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    gotta agree with houston CITY IS BORING AS HELL
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    Whatever, USNEWS, I do what I want. *goes off to get his bachelors and be part of the 6%*
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    mfw tampa oh that’s cool
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    aaaaaaaa Richmond is on there, I live about 20 minutes away
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    Aaha and I go to college in Tampa
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